This apartment is in the Strogino District. On the 23rd floor, the windows look out to views of the Moscow River and the Serebryany Bor pine forest, showing the best of the megacity.

Our customers are a progressive married couple who bought this apartment for themselves (leaving the old apartment to their children) and wanted a radically minimalist stylistic decoration, with a minimum of household items, and a open plan.

When we got to see the apartment, we realized: there is no open plan here, with most of the apartment sandwiched between the monolithic walls. And making it solid white would be a mistake: The rather narrow elongated rooms would resemble hospital rooms.

The first thing we did was to make as much space as was possible for the living room by joining it with the hallway, kitchen and the recessed balcony. This gave the desired effect — the apartment immediately became larger visually, multisided and appealing.

And we “struck” it again by painting a chain of walls in gray color. Although, first, it took us some effort to persuade the customers that it was the right thing to do. But when the walls were done, they liked it: the interior sprung to life, got a soul of its own, and the walls provided the right background to make other objects look spectacular. The bright inclusions in furniture and decor are like pleasant surprises that great as you move along. And the main color core was an abstract painting in the living room, by the artist Pascal Magis. All together, these components make it an unforgettable interior. You are tempted to look at it from different points and from each you see it in a new way.

Photographer: Sergey Ananiev

Media: the magazine INTERIOR+DESIGN March 2015 | the magazine 100% BATHROOMS June 2015 | the magazine KD August 2016

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