Area 115 m2

photographer Denis Vasiliev | Denis Shumov

An apartment in Spiridonovka Street, in a historical center of Moscow.
The apartment did not preserve its history: the numerous owners of this former communal apartment only left rotten pipes and layers of plasterboard in it. The perimeters of the external walls are different angles. Furthermore, the dismantling of the old partitions revealed a metal column and a beam, which were not included in the apartment unit plan issued by the Property Inventory and Registration Authority, right in the center, just where were had planned to have the living room.
We transformed all these drawbacks into advantages. In the places where the outer walls were “broken” properly, we were able to separate the space using partitions. We hid the column and the beam in a structure that became the core of the entire open space: inside the living room, it accommodates a library and a TV panel and, in the kitchen, it houses shelves and kitchen modules. Space planning in the kitchen-dining room-living room combination provides multiple navigations, each opening up the space in a new way.
The renovation opened up beautiful high volumes. We accentuated them deliberately: each element demonstrates carefully calibrated proportions to be in harmony with the architecture. The kitchen, library and wardrobe are all ceiling-high, the doors are 2.7 meters high. The bespoke lamps, made from our author's sketches, are unusually large, the sofa and the chairs are wider and deeper than usual.
The sky-blue colors added against the pearl and gray gamut almost wash away the boundaries between the different spaces. And, by contrast, the skeletons of the libraries, clad in a dark veneer rosewood and with lines of aged brass, provide structure. “We deliberately did not overload our interior design with too much detail: laconic stucco molding, minimum ornamentation, quiet texture in fabrics and on walls ... Our primary emphasis is on structure and composition