A modern apartment in Sokol., in Moscow. A moderately trendy and artistic interior design.

The Customers had differing wishes: the husband preferred contemporary minimalism and his wife wanted something cozier, gravitating toward modern classic style. We offered an eclectic interior design that satisfied all demands of the owners. Created superb compositions, with inclusions in vintage art deco, introduced retro 60’s and included an array of geometric patterns, such as strips, diamonds and zigzags (like a big city rhythm).

Most rooms in this apartment overlook the north side and get very little sunlight. Designers Stas and Taras chose unobtrusive bright colors for the walls and a different color for each room. Accent colors were added: red lounge chairs, striped curtains in shades of green and brown, and the light sources were diversified. All to avoid the cold atmosphere of the north side.

This range of colors was enhanced by artwork. These were mainly posters from America and Denmark, artistic panels from Indonesia and, of course, a beautiful picture by the Brazilian fashion photographer Santa Catarino in the dressing room

Photographer: Sergey Ananiev

Media: the magazine INTERIOR+DESIGN October 2014 | online magazine INTERIORS THE BEST April 2015 | the magazine INTERIOR COLLECTION autumn 2015 | the magazine KITCHENS+ June 2016

Project photo

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