Discreet, but efficient. Contemporary, but cozy. Elegant and stylish - but without excessive adornment. This was the task presented to the architect by the owners of this cottage near Moscow.

Neither our customers, nor us were happy at all about the initial spatial arrangement of the house, the way it came from the developer. It took a lot of rearranging. To achieve the required volumes and maximize use of space, we removed partitions and even moved the windows. As a result, on the first floor there is a spacious, studio-type combination of a kitchen and living area which smoothly transitions into the hallway and the staircase using the backside of books shelves as a railing all the way to the second floor. A kitchen with a massive island that serves as a breakfast table, separating the cooking area from the dining area. Placed in the center of the room, this monolithic and majestic object provides saturation and dimensionality to the space.

The style of the living room built around the fireplace - this bright accent with an expressive shape can be seen from everywhere in the common area provides a compositional integrity to the entire space. The second floor traditionally accommodates private spaces: two bedrooms (a master bedroom and a bedroom for guests), a children's room, and spacious bathrooms.

For style, we chose to utilize the abundance of daylight and create a play of color contrasts to give more life to the laconic modernist shapes in the interior design. The monochrome walls and floors, painted in light, milky and ashy tones, serve as a neutral background to the lush coloristic accents and furniture compositions. All of this together provided the maximum effect.

Photographer: Mikhail Stepanov

Media: the magazine THE BEST INTERIORS February 2013 | the magazine BEAUTIFUL HOUSES January 2014

Project photo

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