TV project | channel NTV

We transformed this kitchen for a young family into a fantasy forest glade, to give them light sensations and spring mood as they enjoy their breakfasts right on the grass. The smooth shapes of the kitchen furniture look like clouds, the green sofa like a lawn, and these are complemented by a family of rabbits in the picture on the wall.
The guests of the show essentially have no living room and they spend a lot of time in the kitchen, not only cooking, but also watching movies, spending time with relatives and friends, doing their hobbies, and their kid is there with them. With this in mind, we created a space that features the elements of both a living room and a dining room. We added an embedded TV set and shelves to the kitchen part of the room. The large table can accommodate eight people. It is combined with the irregularly shaped corner sofa, chairs, mirrors and the painting.
As a result, the interior design came out to be bright and cozy, and the fantasy feature provided a touch of positive emotions and humor. Each member of the family will find their own place in the kitchen. And, most importantly, as much as it was possible, we made it more than a kitchen, but a versatile space where one will not only enjoy cooking but will also appreciate the evening hours with all of the family!