Como | Italy.

“Light, ethereal and not overloaded with things. And what's important — connected with nature. The centerpiece should be the landscape outside the window.” This is how we would describe this suite of rooms on the Lake Como, near Villa Olmo.

The suite has huge loggias, with sliding windows and a roof terrace was sold with minimal interior finishes from the builders. Stylistically, it was decided to make it a light interior, as ethereal and elegant as possible, making the landscape outside the window the centerpiece.

In the interior design, a sense of lightness was achieved through the use of mirrors, white gloss varnish on the furniture facades, an abundance of chrome-plated parts, and lampshades with reflective surfaces that literally dissolved in space. All furniture was raised on thin legs making it appear detached from the floor and as if suspended in the air. All household appliances were hidden carefully in thoroughly planned built-in storage systems for personal items and embeddings for household appliances — all to keep the home from being “overloaded”.

Photographer: Francesco Arena | Sergey Ananiev

Media: the magazine INTERIOR+DESIGN July 2013

Project photo

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