Founded in 2011 by Taras Bezrukov and Stas Samkovich, the Studio offers exclusive interior designs of private apartments, suites, country houses, cafés, restaurants, and office spaces.

Taras Bezrukov is a graduate of the Rostov Academy of Architecture and Arts, an architect and designer.

Stas Samkovich is a graduate of the National Business Institute (Moscow), a practical thinker and doer. After working for a trading company, he decided to change from his managerial drab existence to creative work.

The Studio’s creed is to be always on the look out for new solutions and ideas to our goals. To design interiors in a way so as to conveys the customers’ character and meet their expectations, while staying within the limits of their budgets. This combination creates unique design solutions.

Our customer-tailored designs not only meet all ergonomic and functional requirements, but also convey the sense of warmth and comfort of home we all like to enjoy. Magazines like Interior+Design, AD, Mezonin, ELLE Décoration, “100% Vanny” (100% Baths), “100% Kukhni” (100% Kitchens), and Beautiful Houses have featured the Studio’s designs on multiple occasions.

TS Design Studio is the finalist of multiple best design PinWin contests and has been in the spotlight of several TV projects. The geography of our projects extends from Russia to Italy and Cyprus.

"Elegance in simplicity – is our motto. We start our
each and every project with it, reiterating the simple truths of residential
and public space designing, to ourselves and our customers. We create interior
designs with reliance on simple and explicit volumes and shapes, using
comfortable right proportions. This is the «basic structure» that we build on
to create the “invisible mood” in each interior design. We rely on the lasting
values that celebrate simple joys of life, such as light, warmth and comfort."